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First Responder Trauma Services

Colorado's Premier Organization for
First Responder Wellness


Our emergency workers are exposed to excessive traumatic events throughout their career and are held to a standard by society that they perform with perfection and sound judgment in all cases without being emotionally or physically affected. In Northern Colorado, we have placed our trust in these individuals without affording them a culturally appropriate safety net to mitigate the physically and emotionally demanding parts of their career.


Our vision is to build and provide crisis mitigation through a National Resource Center which will stand as a beacon of hope and support, letting our First Responders/Frontline Workers know that their lives matter when they have lost the capacity for their own self care, on the days when their personal or physical struggle is overwhelming. FRTS believes in operating with honesty and compassion; always placing the needs of our tribe members first, despite the times that these decision may be difficult to make. We believe that the right decision is ALWAYS right, but not necessary easy. FRTS will be among the best in the country to provide innovative care from local and state partnerships with culturally competent staff and clinicians. We serve those that serve You.


We are dedicated to supporting the behavioral and physical health of first responders and frontline workers, and their families, through intervention, prevention, and education by providing the tools they need to take care of themselves so they can best serve others. Our dedicated team of professionals is driven by a shared passion to serve those who serve others, ensuring we build a healthier and safer community for all. 


FRTS is committed to providing lifesaving services through TrustIntegrity, Transparency and Accountability.


Our purpose, 24 hours a day, is to prevent and alleviate the suffering of first responders and frontline workers in the face of their personal and work related emergencies by mobilizing the expertise of our culturally competent staff and vetted biobehavioral health innovations, assisted by the generosity of our donors.  


Serving first responders and frontline workers so they can better serve You!


All Badges, All Uniforms, All Scrubs

All Together® 

Our 40-Hour, Colorado P.O.S.T approved Peer Support Academy is filling up fast. 

Don’t miss out! Register below.

  • 2024 September 40-Hour Peer Support Academy
    2024 September 40-Hour Peer Support Academy
    Mon, Sep 23
    Berthoud, 275 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO 80513, USA
    Berthoud, 275 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO 80513, USA
  • 2025 February 40-Hour Peer Support Academy
    2025 February 40-Hour Peer Support Academy
    Mon, Feb 17
    TBD, Northern Colorado USA
    TBD, Northern Colorado USA
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