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Why Now?

First Responder Trauma Services is dedicated to supporting the lives of professional and volunteer first responders and frontline workers, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMS pre-hospital transport personnel, emergency room staff, physicians, 911 operators, criminal justice service workers, park rangers, judicial district attorneys, coroners, and their family members, by developing honest and empathetic peer support relationships across all the agencies we serve.  


We strongly believe in the importance and efficacy of community outreach and have created a regional peer support team model, whereby active first responders receive specialized training to respond to fellow first responders and first response agencies in crisis everyday, around the clock, all year round.  


But Why Now??? We cannot do this alone. We need your help for those who respond to your need when you are having the worst day of your life! We understand that the need for a safe space for all first responders and frontline workers continues to grow to help them manage the accumulated trauma they are exposed to daily.

Many first responders and frontline workers struggle with addiction, PTSI/D, and other medical and behavioral health issues. The micro and macro traumas they experience accumulate until the emotional and physical stress can no longer be tolerated. Traditional counseling can be challenging for both non-culturally competent clinicians and responders, as both are confronted with navigating the minefields of calls and tragic experiences, typically causing vicarious trauma to the counselor and disappointment to the responder if their issues are not quickly resolved.

We must ACT to fix problems by leaning into them and creating better outcomes for first responders and frontline workers, and better interactions with and results for the public they serve. 

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