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911 Navigators



The CENTER, operated by 911 Navigators, serves as a community gathering place for active duty and retired first responders and frontline workers. It is a CENTER for health, camaraderie, learning and experience - a place of connection that serves each individual's fundamental needs. The CENTER is a launching pad that encourages participants to venture into the next chapter of their lives with optimism, community, and purpose.



The CENTER welcomes both active and retired first responders and frontline workers, 24/7 365. A large space, a hot pot of coffee, a newspaper, and a big kitchen table may be all that is needed to start.  

A central calendar managed by 911 Navigators serves to organize events as well as private member use. The CENTER will host workshops, seminars, FRTC's National Peer Support  Academy and the National 911 Navigators Coaching Academy (coaching active responders to navigate to early retirement/separation and post retirement). It will be the home base for outdoor adventures and outfitting organized by 911 Navigators staff. It will also be the home base for courses taught by our 911 Navigators to First Responder Trauma Counselors, our culturally competent licensed clinicians and service providers, and former first responders and frontline workers.

Members/retirees can build it out, perform the upkeep, and provide content to the community. The CENTER is truly a community project capitalizing on the vast range of skills and abilities of our current and retired personnel, utilizing their combined experience and expertise.


The CENTER provides the venue, the Members provide the experience! 

C - Counseling
E - Education
N - Navigation
T - Training
E - Empowerment
R - Resources

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