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National Peer Support Academy

Updated: May 6, 2023

What sets us apart

This is not the usual static lecture program that First Responders are used to experiencing. FRTC's Peer Support Academy offers:

  • a multi-dimensional blended learning environment

  • a low student to instructor ratio

  • state of the art learning platforms

  • periodic learning verification to ensure 100% efficacy

  • instructional staff are clinicians who are current or former first responders

What they are saying..... "This training has been an eye opener for me. To spend a whole week with first responders from so many different agencies who have truly shared the pain of us all . . . every single agency needs this!" - Jess ED Nurse

National Peer Support Academy Manual

Joanne Rupert MA, LPC, NBCC, DCS, pens new 2021, National Peer Support Academy Manual which accompanies First Responder Trauma Counselors; new and improved "State of the Art" training platforms, coupled with their hallmark, "Culturally Competent Clinicians" who are dynamically informed as they have, been there and done that. Their teaching style in deeply seated in practical applications that always keep the Academy participants, engaged and entertained and most importantly enlightened and educated, as to the importance of caring for their sisters and brothers in public service. Let's be clear this in not just another one of those, endless loops of drone on PSYCOBABBLE , Death by Power Point, programs where the participants are watching the clock to see how much longer their posterior and brain can endure. This is an exciting learning platform, to stretch and grow and be excited to be part of a much larger solution of caring for each other, and having the tools to effect positive outcomes. In fact many of our National Peer Support Academy participants have gone back to school and have become First Responder licensed Behavioral Health Therapists themselves, several actually working and instructing for First Responder Trauma Counselors. So what are you waiting for reserve your seats today and become inspired... Included in our National Peer Support Academy, is the comprehensive manual that brings all badges and all uniforms together, this fully bound edition is the perfect tool for you to use not only throughout the academy, but for years after as a reference.

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